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About Arctic Edge Unity

"The goal of our teams is to achieve success, develop skills and build character"

erin cullen-dennis, head coach

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Arctic Edge Unity was founded in 2016. Arctic Edge Unity teams are based out of the Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Canton, Michigan and represent the Arctic Figure Skating Club and compete primarily in USFS-sanctioned synchronized skating events.


Our Mission


Our mission is to participate, in partnership with skaters and their families, in the formation of well-rounded, confident and resiliant amatuer athletes that excel in all areas of life, on and off the ice. As an organization, we are committed to the ideals of hard-work, discipline and the satisfaction and pride that comes with being a part of a team.


Organizational Goals


  • Offer skaters a supplemental competitive opportunity that they can participate in in conjunction with their regular skating


  • Open the door for young skaters to future college skating opportunities. There are over 45 college and university synchronized skating programs throughout the country and the list is growing. Programs represent everyone from the Ivy League to the BIG10. Among this list is also  two fully-funded, varsity programs that also compete as members of Team USA internationally.


  • Give skaters the rewarding opportunity to become a part of a team. In synchronized skating, your team becomes like your second family and sportsmanship is encouraged above all else. Skaters are able to learn invaluable life lessons as they face the pressures of competition, enjoy the thrill of victory (or the heartache of defeat), all with their best friends by their side.


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