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Synchronized skating is not only a fun and fulfilling competitive skating discipline in its own right, but it is also a valuable and rewarding supplemental opportunity for skaters who compete in the other figure skating disciplines of singles, pairs, and ice dance. See below for more info on how synchro can enhance the competitive experiences and opportunities for skaters of all backgrounds:


Technical & Skill Benefits of Synchro:

  • Increased power, speed, and extension

  • Enhanced musicality, presentation, and timing

  • Additional structured training time for skaters (especially for basic skating skills, turns, on-ice flexibility, and stroking).

  • Pairs and ice dance - synchro reinforces spatial awareness and tracking alongside other skaters. Both male and female synchro skaters have the opportunities to learn both sides of partnering tricks and elements.

Social & Emotional Benefits of Synchro:

  • Each skater becomes a valuable part of their team community made up of coaches and peers that support each other's success both on and off the ice. 

  • Synchro is a great space for skaters who compete in other high pressure environments who want to feel connected and encouraged by those around them at all times during training, performance, and competition.

  • Skaters and families share fun, memorable, and unique experiences that allow them to build and develop lifelong and close friendships with each other.

  • Good synchro organizations always promote a positive body image, self-esteem, and personal confidence among all of their team members.

Competitive Benefits of Synchro: 

  • Skaters have increased opportunities to compete at the Sectional, National, and International levels of figure skating.

  • Synchro opens the door to multiple college skating opportunities, including fully funded varsity and elite programs at schools ranging from the BIG10 to the Ivy League.

  • The first Olympic Synchro athletes are already skating today! The "Elite 12" category recently proposed by the ISU in 2021 indicates that the first Olympic Synchronized Skaters will likely be represented by well-rounded and experienced synchro skaters who can manage material of all disciplines (synchro, freestyle, pairs, ice dance).

Spotlight on Multi-Discipline Skaters at AEU: 

  • Unlike some other synchronized skating programs of the past, AEU not only allows our skaters to compete in other disciplines, we encourage it! We are happy to work closely with competitive athletes and their coaches to ensure skaters and families can balance skating and competing in multiple disciplines (i.e. scheduling assistance, regular communication with individual coaches, etc.)

  • With new rule changes to the synchronized skating pipeline in recent years, skaters who compete in other disciplines are able to participate in synchro minimally until the age of 14 in a highly competitive and fun (but lower commitment) synchro environment until they decide they'd like to pursue elite competitive synchro opportunities further (for example, an 8-13 year old Pre-Juvenile or Juvenile solo freestyle competitor can be a part of a highly competitive and fun team of their peers with only a 1-3 hours per week commitment). 

Want to find out how you can incorporate AEU synchro into your skating career and skating success story? Contact us at for more info on opportunities and arrangements for multi-discipline skaters.

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