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Arctic Edge Unity is one of the fastest-growing synchronized skating programs in the state of Michigan and in the US Figure Skating Midwestern competitive section. We have built a unique approach based on exposure and experience with the top programs in the United States and the world. See what makes our program unique and set up for success:

SURROUNDED BY EXCELLENCE: Our teams are based out of the National, International and Olympic training hub that is the Arctic Edge of Canton. Our skaters are consistently exposed to the highest levels of what figure skating has to offer. We are lucky to be able to draw upon this wealth of coaching and competitive expertise from all disciplines to benefit our team skaters... all right under our own roof! 🏆

FOCUSED ON YOUR SKATER'S GROWTH: We give comprehensive and personal attention to each and every skater in our program, no matter their competitive level. Our teams hold high standards, yes, but we check in early and often with skaters and families to be sure your skater is on the right track to meet their skating goals and improve their skills. Every skater has their own path to a successful and satisfying competitive career. We are here to help them draw that path and give them the tools and resources they need to succeed in realizing their full potential. 📈

CLEAR AND ORGANIZED COMMUNICATION: Like any team sport, communication is key 🔑 We are committed to full, clear and frequent communication on all matters to ensure that skaters and families are always on the same page, on and off the ice. Team community within each team as well as across all AEU teams is critical to our success and is something we are always looking to improve upon. Consistent communication between coaches, skaters and families is essential to our growth and a priority of our organization's culture.

SUPPORTIVE COACHING STYLE: We use a positive and constructive coaching style to motivate our skaters to be the best they can be. Our approach is a growth approach: That every skater has additional unrealized potential that can be unlocked through the proper balance of constructive critique and positive reinforcement. "Needs Improvement" is never a dirty term in our program and we give your skater the tools to they need to improve. Our coaches give honest, but caring feedback so as to develop skaters that are not just talented, but also positive-minded and constructive with themselves and with their teammates. 👏

READY FOR THE FUTURE: With access to incredible resources, wonderful skaters and families and strong channels of communication, our program vision is truly limitless. We are taking big steps in development for the upcoming season and are always keeping our eyes on the future. Whether it's your skater's goal to skate in college, win a Sectional or National Championship, or even compete at the world or (someday) Olympic level, we are committed to building a hard-working and fun environment for those goals to take shape and become a reality. 💪


ROBUST NATIONAL-QUALIFYING TEAM PIPELINE: We plan to continue a pipeline for skaters wishing to compete at the highest levels synchronized skating. This includes fielding multiple nationally competitive teams at the Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior levels and giving skaters the tools they need to reach both their individual and team goals 🏆

CONTINUING TO EXPAND TRAINING RESOURCES FOR TEAM SKATERS: As our program continues to grow, we are excited to be able to increase resources available to our skaters. Our teams are based out of a national, international and Olympic training hub for figure skating and whether it's expert specialists, additional on-ice skill building opportunities, or participating in extra off-ice training, we continue to expand offerings of additional resources for our athletes so they and their teams can become the very best they can be 🏋

PATH TO AN INTERNATIONAL FUTURE: Our roadmap for success does not end at the sectional and national levels. Our program is already being designed to support a successful future on the international and world stage. With a high level of coaching expertise, a deeply experienced knowledge-base as well as extensive energy and a deep pool of resources, we are ready to take our skaters and teams to the absolute TOP of what our sport has to offer 🌐

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