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Arctic Edge Unity Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: When and where are practices for Arctic Edge Unity?

A: Arctic Edge Unity teams train anywhere from 1-3 days per week, depending on the team level (i.e. an introductory or beginner level team may only train 1 day per week, but a sectional or national-level team may practice 2-3 days per week). We are based out of the Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Canton, Michigan, but can train at other rinks local to the area when necessary.


Q: When does the season begin and how long does it last?

A: The typical synchronized skating season begins with clinics and team tryouts in the spring and summer. More competitive level teams (i.e. Sectional Competitive and National Qualifying Teams) may implement some spring/summer training, but all teams begin a regular training schedule in August or September and conclude the season at the end of February/beginning of March of the following year. The competition and performance season typically runs from mid- to late-November through late February/early March.


Q: Can a skater compete in other disciplines of skating while participating in synchronized skating?

A: Yes! it is definitely possible to compete in other skating disciplines besides synchronized skating. Synchronized skating involves all aspects of figure skating: moves-in-the-field, freestyle, dance, and even pair and group lifts! If your skater wants to compete in any other discipline, we encourage it. One thing to remember is that if you would like to compete in other disciplines, it is important that you discuss this schedule with your team coach as soon as possible. As a part of a team, your training commitment is not just between you and your coach anymore, but with your teammates as well. Missing a training session can have a very negative effect on your teams' performance.


Q: Can I travel with my skater to competitions?

A: One of the best parts of synchronized skating is the team aspect of the sport. At all times, we try to promote teamwork between the skaters and team bonding beyond the time skaters spend on ice with each other. For any competitions requiring travel, we will set times and locations that skaters must arrive at. Generally, for overnight stays (mainly for sectional-competitive teams and higher), skaters will be expected to stay at the same hotel with their family member or chaperone and follow a pre-determined team schedule set before the competition by the team coaches.


Q: How can I get involved with my skaters team?

A: Synchronized skating teams would not be able to operate without the incredible support and contributions of volunteers. Should you decide to join Arctic Edge Unity, we encourage you to get involved in any way you can. Do you have a special skill set that could be useful to the organization? An overall positive attitude? Always feel free to reach out to the program leadership and see how you can become a deeper part of the team!


Is there another question that you don't see here you would like some information on? Always feel free to contact us at!

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