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FREE open house - Skills Clinics - March 12, 2023

Welcome to the pre-registration page for the free Open House Skills clinics at Arctic Edge Unity on Sunday, March 12,  2023. These clinics are free/no-cost and are open to skaters of all experience levels ages 8-19 who have tested USFS Moves-in-the-Field (note: skaters under age 8 who have passed one or more Moves-in-the-Field tests can get in touch directly with for more information)

+ ALL SESSIONS TAKE PLACE AT ARCTIC EDGE ICE ARENA: 46615 Michigan Ave, Canton, MI 48188 +

SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2023 - Free Clinic Times:

GROUP 1 - 1:00-1:40 P.M.

Group 1 Criteria: Skaters PASSED a USFS Pre-Preliminary thru Pre-Juvenile Moves-in-the-Field Test

(Note: Skaters scheduled to test their Pre-Preliminary Moves-in-the-Field test in Spring 2023 are permitted to attend Group 1, and should note their testing date in the comments field of the form)


GROUP 2 -  1:40-2:20 P.M.
Group 2 Criteria: Skaters working on or PASSED a USFS Juvenile thru Senior Moves-in-the-Field Test

(Note: Skaters who's highest test level is Pre-Juvenile Moves-in-the-Field are encouraged to attend the free Group 1 session before the Group 2 session)

Who's invited to these sessions?
Skaters ages 8-19 interested in gaining new skills and learning more about competitive team opportunities at Arctic Edge Unity. No prior synchro experience necessary and safety/level criteria for each group listed above.


Session Overview

These sessions are informal and fun, with an emphasis on learning new individual and synchro skills in a supportive, fun, and free environment. Though not required, these sessions are recommended for skaters who would like to participate in Spring Team Placement sessions.

Additional Questions? Contact

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